Lalaji Memorial Omega International School Organises a Music Concert!!

Chennai 25 October 2022 Lalaji Memorial Omega International School Organises a Music Concert!!

Singer Ranjani-Gayatri duo Unveil ‘The Wisdom Bridge’ At The Music Academy

Chennai, 25 October 2022: The students, faculty and management of Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in Chennai present ‘Kalanjali’ – an annual festival of performing arts on 22nd October 2022 at 6PM at The Music Academy. This is the fifth year that the school is organizing Kalanjali event and it is intended at promoting performing arts and classical music. This year Kalanjali has brought the esteemed singer duo Smt. Ranjani-Gayatri who were accompanied by Shri Vittal Rangan on violin, Shri N Manoj Siva on Mridangam and Shri S Krishna on Ghatam. Sponsored by various stakeholders and partners of the school, the event received a good number of turn-out from music aficionados along with students from various schools and Heartfulness volunteers at the venue. 

The concert was preceded by Smt. Ranjani-Gayatri unveiling the latest best-selling book, ‘The Wisdom Bridge’ penned by Shri Kamlesh Patel ‘Daaji’ – Guide of Heartfulness and which is already making the buzz.  The book has received praise from various quarters with thousands of pre-orders and still counting. In his book The Wisdom Bridge that is based on our ancient legends and compares the current times, Rev. Daaji discusses the contemporary situations, sharing his life learnings, citing research and offering practical ‘how to’ tips. The book is ‘gold’ in terms of fostering the irreplaceable generational bonds of family, raising happy children, responsible teenagers and fulfilled adults.

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Recently LMOIS also won the 8th place at all-India level in terms of students’ happiness quotient. The school achieved this feat owing to its balanced curriculum and approach towards academics driven by Heartfulness meditation practices. With much emphasis on holistic development the school also believes in promoting performing arts as a tool for overall wellness. 

Speaking on the occasion, the Guide of Heartfulness – Shri Kamlesh Patel ‘Daaji’ said, “Music is a divine artform. Classical music brings us closer to the God that dwells within each of us. The therapeutic properties of music have time and again been supported by scientific backing as well. We rarely come across anyone who does not like music, but classical music is an art form that must be promoted owing to the intensely spiritual and unique vibrations associated with it. Each raga and note have a unique value that is said to be therapeutic on our mind and spirit. There are times when music has proven to heal the sick as well. That is the power of music. What’s more, music knows no barriers. I am pleased that the students of LMOIS are going forward in this direction and bringing communities together with music as the common thread that is binding us all.”

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Mrs Bhavani Murthy, Principal of CIS/IB stream at LMOIS said, “Those who are musically trained might very well understand the technicalities of music, but the beauty of it doesn’t go amiss when it comes to the rest. Music touches us all. Classical music is especially unique in how it leaves an impact on our mind and soul. We wish to promote it as much as possible for the benefit of our students and keep their enthusiasm levels up.”

The students happiness is paramount in how they perform in academics and co-curricular activities. Music is one factor that improves the students’ happiness quotient and also improves concentration and creative faculties. Our aim to promote a music festival as this just supports our belief in music being important in the overall development,” said Mrs Sujatha Kumar, Principal of CBSE stream at LMOIS

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