Music Director Anirudh Ravichander treats his fans to Pizza!

Chennai 01 July 2022 Music Director Anirudh Ravichander treats his fans to Pizza!

200 fans get their indulgence come to true courtesy Zomato

July 1, 2022, Chennai: Celebrating Anirudh’s collaboration with Zomato – the peppy food anthem ‘Summa Semma’ that now stands at 7.8 million views on YouTube, the star took to his social media to get its fans dancing to his tunes with some free meals! It all began on Friday morning when Anirudh tweeted to Zomato to make it a celebration and asked his fans on Twitter and Instagram to join in. 

He asked his fans to share why they deserve the treat with interesting answers only. Over the next few hours, thousands of fans joined the Twitterati and Instagram frenzy with witty responses. 200 of the craziest responses were chosen by Zomato – to be treated with free meals and love by Anirudh himself. Zomato also extended the festivities to everybody who participated with a promo code to order their favourite delish. All this and more courtesy, our favourite Anirudh. He truly knows how to get his city humming and munching on his tunes. 

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