India Cements launches Two Super Kings

Chennai 17 March 2022 India Cements launches Two Super Kings.

Gears up to expand customer base with a new game changing cement

Chennai, 16 March 2022: In line with its vision to build a stronger nation, India Cements announce the next step of evolution in the industry with the launch of Conkrete Super King (CSK) and Halo Super King. CSK is a game changing cement that resonates with the features that are highly inspired by iconic Chennai Super Kings’ Captain & India Cements VP (Marketing), Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s phenomenal strength, speed and on field demeanour. Halo Super King (HSK) cement is exclusively designed for pre-cast hollow blocks. HSK enables quick setting, enhanced structural strength and stability, catering to all needs from AAC to Hollow blocks.

India Cements’ Conkrete Super King (CSK) is a novel product, packed with the ‘Power of 7’, is a one stop solution to all concrete needs from foundation to roof. The Power of 7 comprises of high durable strength, quick setting time, easy workability, corrosion resistance, everlasting smooth finish, no seepage, and all-weather proof nature. Thus making this unique product ‘the best in class’ offering from India Cements.

After unveiling the two new products on Wednesday, N Srinivasan, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, India Cements said, “Cement is one product whose strength shouldn’t just last a day but a lifetime. Many people build their dream homes with hopes and finances of a whole life. To aid the owners/brands across nation, facing defects in construction such as cracks in structures, seepage and leakage, Conkrete Super King (CSK) is created to deal with these issues and ensure long term stability and strength. All our products are premium and have stood the tests of time because of their reliability, durability and consistent quality, bag by bag. Consumers recognise our brands for their robust and sturdy nature.”

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Highlighting the legacy of last seven decades of India Cements, N Srinivasan stated, “The competition can commit that their cement will last 70 years. But I can proudly say that our products have proven their quality and are still standing tall and strong. Every testimonial building that is built by us is a standing testament to the quality of our cement”.

Mr. MS Dhoni, VP Marketing, India Cements and Captain, Chennai Super Kings, said, “Conkrete Super King embodies the strength and commitment of being the best and playing best innings in the long run of a lifetime. From foundations to roofs, Conkrete Super King means strong buildings and homes. It is packed with the power of seven to stand the test of time.”

Commenting on the launch, Mrs. Rupa Gurunath, Whole Time Director said, “We are very proud of launching our new premium cement on the historic occasion of completion of India Cements inspiring journey of 75 years in nation building and building modern India. I congratulate our production and marketing team for working so hard in coming out with the new products. I am sure with the support of our dealers, stockists, influencers and customers, the new products will be a big hit among home builders”.


Rakesh Singh, Executive President said, “Our strength is our happy and loyal set of stakeholders, be it employees, customers, dealers, suppliers or transporters. In fact, we may be the only company having third generation of dealers and employees too. Our consistency of quality over the years, over plants, across markets is the reason why we have three successful brands (Sankar, Coromandel and Raasi). All state capitals in the South (which are the highest consumption centres) are within 200 km’s radius of our one factory or the other, ensuring fastest and fresh cement supplies”.

Speaking on the occasion, Parthasarathy Ramanujam, Chief Marketing Officer said, “The launch of CSK is a focal point in our growth journey and we plan to make it the best offering by India Cements. Our strategy to spotlight the uniqueness of both the products will encourage consumers, dealers and engineers to opt for CSK, the best cement in the market when building homes, offices and skyscrapers.”

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Continuing with the commitment towards its consumers and the legacy of 75 years, the launch of Conkrete Super King & Halo Super King, the two new Super Kings from the House of India Cements will be available at all dealer shops across India.

About India Cements:
India Cements, a major cement company based in the South and one of the largest producers in India, came into being in the year 1946. The Company was founded by two visionary founders and entrepreneurs, SNN Sankaralinga Iyer and T.S. Narayanaswmi with an unshakeable mission of building a modern and stronger India.

Over the last seven decades of its inspiring journey of excellence in nation building, the company has earned the reliable trust of thousands of architects, builders, engineers, stockists, dealers and consumers from across the nation. India cements is consistently striving to understand consumer needs, innovate and deliver solutions that promise 100% customer satisfaction. Stringent quality measures are followed to create every ounce of the brand’s products.
With a total capacity of nearly 16 million tonnes, it has 8 cement plants and 2 grinding units located in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The trusted brands, Sankar and Coromandel are associated with building several landmarks, infrastructure projects and dream homes.

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