Chennai 09 June 2023 Adityaram Group, a leading South Indian Company functions across 3 states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana that placed its successful footprints in Realty and entertainment sector. Our company’s unmatched workmanship has given birth to one of the greatest palace of all times, which is a dream comes true moment.

India is renowned for its palaces, the lifestyles of kings and queens, and its rich heritage and culture. After India gained independence in 1947, the era of imperial realms came to an end, and many grand palaces were transformed into museums and Hotels.

For the first time after 1947, a palace has been built by a prominent business icon, Mr. Adityaram. “Adityaram Palace,” a magnificent structure located at ECR, Chennai’s favourite location, and stands as the largest residential palace built in South India.

Adityaram Palace, the largest residential palace in South India, stands as a remarkable development after 1947.

The humble growth spans from 400 sq.ft. Office of Adityaram Group to 1 lakh sq. ft. Palace.

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The palace is built with exclusive Italian marble and very unique onyx. Its Neo-Classical Minimalism architecture showcases elegance with graceful arches, majestic columns and lavish facades. Meticulously designed corners exude richness with Baluster & Pillars carved in Rajasthan. The interiors reflect royal finery, with soaring ceilings, intricate chandeliers and timeless marble flooring.

    • One of a kind Customized unique statue from Jaipur blends classic and contemporary styles.
    • A lavish jogging track, buggy driveway, state-of-the-art infinity swimming pool are integrated.
    • Mesmerizing aquarium showcased with fascinating Buddha Statue. 
  • Stunning Movie theatre surrounded by cutting-edge technology.
    • Luxurious spa with expert therapists and tranquil surroundings.
  • Exquisite Gym with Spacious and well-ventilated workout area with High-tech equipment. 
  • A fabulous Dog canal that can accompany around 20 – 25 of the furry friends in a bigger setup. 
    • Extravagant Travel Room with opulent requirements for travelling. 
    • The First of its kind Exclusive Board Room inside The Palace. 
    • The chairman’s office is adorned with the finest materials, exquisite desk, showcases intricate marble work with glistening crystal chandeliers and meticulous attention to detail. 
  • Chairman’s lounge with luxurious and exclusive space with Scintillating Wall Décor. 
  • Grand Billionaire Billiards Play Room with expensive cushion rail bordering and gold lined pockets. 
  • A lush green golf court which brings a luxury sport to our neighbourhood. 
  • Nearly 50 Car Spaces provided for housing residents’ luxury car collections.
  • Around 80+ housekeepers service residing rooms available in the palace. 
  • The extravagant landscapes have Organic Vegetable, fruits and flower gardens.
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Behind this architectural marvel stands Mr. Adityaram, the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of the Adityaram Group. His true vision and Hardworking have made the grand palace possible in Chennai. Mr. Adityaram’s corporate office is the leading South-Indian company located in ECR started initially as a 400 Sq. Ft office but now it is the empire that has its wings wide spread in various venture collectively known as Adityaram Group of companies. 

Today, Mr. Adityaram is A Highly Successful Entrepreneur, a Self-made Billionaire having made his mark in the corporate, entertainment, and real estate industries. He is a First-Generation Entrepreneur and Self-Made Business Tycoon with visionary thoughts who created his empire with hard work, Perseverance and Dedication. He built his 

Business Empire on the Mantra ‘Work Is Worship’ and has proven his success in the Realty and Entertainment sectors. Mr. Adityaram with his corporate office takes over the throne as “The Real Estate Tycoon”. 

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One of Mr. Adityaram’s greatest achievements is the construction of Adityaram Royal Palace. This Spectacular Palace showcases his vision and passion for creating magnificent structures that cater to the highest standards of Luxury and Comfort.

Adityaram Palace stands as the pride of our Chennai, showcasing the grandeur and magnificence reminiscent of a bygone Era of Royalty. It is not just a remarkable residence but a cultural landmark that celebrates our Chennai’s heritage. 

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