Refex launches its Green Mobility business in Chennai!!

Refex launches its Green Mobility business in Chennai!!

Chennai 25 September 2023 With a new office in prime area T.Nagar in Chennai, the 21-year-old Refex group is clearly in an expansion and diversifying mode

Chennai, September 25th, 2023: Refex Group, one of India’s leading conglomerate that has been operating for over two decades and has diversified into Refrigerant Gas, Renewables, Ash and Coal handling, Medical Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Airports and Transportation, among other such business verticals, commences its Green Mobility venture’s (Refex Green Mobility Limited) operations in Chennai at the hands of Mahesh Kumar, Deputy Mayor, Greater Chennai Corporation.  This business vertical of the group will cater to the people mobility segment. 

The vertical commenced operations in March 2023 from Bengaluru as an all-EV initiative and will cater to the entire spectrum of Corporate and Business travel needs. The services will not only help the Refex Group increase its ESG footprint, but also help the service recipient corporate entities in abating carbon dioxide emission and reducing their carbon footprint.

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On the joyous occasion, the company also made an announcement about a new downtown office in Chennai, in addition to the existing premises in T.Nagar. 

Speaking on the occasion, Anil Jain, Managing Director, Refex Group, said, “While the team at Refex Green Mobility has been working hard in Bengaluru since its commencement of operations in March, starting in Chennai to serve the Corporates in our city was a natural progression for us. This is the right moment to also announce about our new office in the heart of the city. The 15,300 sq feet office space can accommodate 100+ employees and has the best of facilities for employees’ comfort.” 

The three-storied premises of Refex group have been exclusively designed to accommodate more than 100 employees. The building offers a rich interior, ergonomically designed spaces and an employee-friendly workspace. The building has been designed to conserve energy and water, as we believe in increasing our ESG footprint.  We have EV charging points, a spacious cafeteria, multiple conference rooms, resting lounges, gym, entertainment rooms etc. 

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Refex Green Mobility Limited is one of the youngest entities under the umbrella of Refex Group which caters to corporate entities and passenger mobility platforms by providing a company-owned 4-wheeler EV and a technology platform.

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