Geriatric care services provider KITES Senior Care partners with Ahavaa Eldercare in Chennai; Unveils their ‘state of the art’ geriatric care centre in T.Nagar!!

Geriatric care services provider KITES Senior Care partners with Ahavaa Eldercare in Chennai; Unveils their ‘state of the art’ geriatric care centre in T.Nagar!!

  • The new facility is a joint initiative between KITES Senior care and Chennai based Ahavaa Eldercare (promoted by the reputed Aban Group) to make expert eldercare accessible to seniors & elderly in Chennai.

  • KITES Senior Care provides “Out of Hospital” geriatric care services covering post-surgery and post hospitalisation Rehabilitation care, Palliative care and Dementia care both in its specialised care facilities and at the residence of elders. Since 2016, KITES has cared for over 5,300 seniors in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

  • KITES senior care recently closed a Pre Series A funding of USD 2 Million from Dr Ranjan Pai’s MEMG family office.

  • The Ahavaa KITES Senior Care facility in Chennai with about 15,000Sq ft of built-up space is equipped with over 45 beds and is situated in T.Nagar, Chennai. Key facilities include luxurious air-conditioned rooms (both single & twin sharing), High Dependency Unit (HDU) beds, and several recreational activities.

  • This initiative is a unique & the first one of its kind for this industry which is in its nascent stages & is built on the managed contract model.

  • Although Chennai has a thriving senior living services, it lacks in providing quality ‘out of hospital’ medical care for elderly. The brand plans to open a few more centres in Chennai the coming year and enter three more southern states soon thereby expanding its footprint.
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Chennai, 14 Sep 2023: KITES Senior Care, a Geriatric care services provider founded by Rajagopal G, Dr A S Arvind, and Dr Reema Nadig, announced its entry into Chennai with the launch of a new “state of the art” facility in the heart of the city, T.Nagar. The new facility with about 15,000Sq ft of built-up space is equipped with 45 beds of luxurious air-conditioned rooms (both single & twin sharing), High Dependency Unit (HDU) beds, a large & modern therapy hall apart from consultation suites, a prayer room & activity hall. The centre will provide specialised geriatric care services including post-surgery and post-hospitalisation rehab care, and palliative care.

The geriatric care services market in India is about USD 20 Billion and is growing at a CAGR of 7%. About 11% of India’s population is above the age of 60. Report by UNFPA states that 16% of India’s population will be above 60 in a decade from now, making elderly care an

essential service that the country needs to take care of its ageing population. Chennai, with a large & growing senior population, holds immense potential in this emerging field with far and few specialised care providers. 

KITES Senior Care was established in 2016 by senior doctors and healthcare professionals. Over the years, it has established itself as a front-runner in the emerging field of geriatric care and is trusted by over 5,300 families. The new facility will be their fifth facility in India; after Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The brand has ambitious plans to expand its footprints in South India beyond these three cities.


The new Chennai centre enables families to avail world-class geriatric care for their seniors and elders, further strengthening the health delivery sector in the city, especially with regards to transitional and rehab care, palliative care and hospice, and geriatric home care. 

Rajagopal G, Founder and CEO of KITES Senior Care said, “India’s elderly population has witnessed a significant growth, rising from 104 million in 2011 to 138 million in 2021. This upward trend is projected to accelerate, with estimates suggesting that by 2050, our elderly population will triple, constituting 20% of our nation’s total populace. This demographic shift underscores the paramount importance of creating robust, comprehensive care systems tailored to their needs. While many developed countries have established ‘out of hospital’ geriatric care systems, India is just at the dawn of this transformative journey. This paradigm encompasses varied care avenues, from nursing homes and hospice facilities to memory care centres and home-based care – the latter of which has been gaining impressive traction in recent years. To ensure that we cater holistically to the needs of our senior citizens, a full-fledged implementation of all these care components is crucial. With the inauguration of Ahavaa KITES Senior Care Centre in Chennai, we’re marking yet another pivotal step in our commitment to serving India’s elderly with the care and dignity they rightfully deserve. We thank Mr Reji Abraham, Ms Kavya & Mr KAV Ramesh Kumar for their trust in us and giving us this opportunity to expand in Chennai.

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Dr Reema Nadig, Co-Founder, COO & Group Medical Director, KITES Senior Care said, “At KITES Senior Care, we’re dedicated to curating care facilities and programs precisely designed for the unique ‘Out of hospital’ requirements of our elderly community. Our distinctive six-star assessment methodology, coupled with streamlined care procedures and quantifiable results, ensures that we deliver not only top-tier care but also a heart-warming experience to the families we serve. Our newly inaugurated centre in Chennai, boasting over 45 beds and several recreational activities, is set to redefine geriatric care standards for our senior citizens. This significant step not only aligns with our mission but also fills my heart with immense joy and a profound sense of accomplishment.

Mr Reji Abraham, Managing Director, Aban Group said, “We are delighted to further our vision to be offering qualitative senior care by collaborating with KITES Senior Care who have pioneered the ‘out of hospital’ care services. We have setup the ‘state of the art’ facility in the heart of Chennai city that will provide post operative and post hospitalisation rehab and palliative care to elderly at optimal costs.”

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