SIMS Genetic Clinic launched in association with LifeCell at SIMS Hospital.!!

SIMS Genetic Clinic launched in association with LifeCell at SIMS Hospital.!!

Chennai March 21st, 2023: SIMS Hospital, a leading multi-speciality hospital in Chennai, has announced the launch of its new Genetic Clinic in association with LifeCell Diagnostics (soon to be known as MFine Diagnostics). The clinic will offer advanced genetic testing and counselling services to patients seeking to understand their genetic makeup and potential health risks.

With the latest developments in genetic testing technology, the hospital will offer comprehensive testing services in all the specialities that can help identify genetic mutations, hereditary conditions, and predispositions to certain health conditions. This information can be used to create personalised treatment plans that can help patients manage their health and reduce their risk of developing certain conditions.

A team of experienced genetic counsellors will work closely with patients to help them understand their test results and provide guidance on any necessary lifestyle changes or medical interventions. The counsellors will also provide support and counselling services to patients and their families to help them navigate any emotional or psychological challenges that may arise as a result of their genetic testing.

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Dr. Ravi Pachamuthu, Chairman – SRM Group, said, “SIMS Hospital has always been at the forefront of offering top-notch medical care. We are thrilled to be launching our new SIMS Genetic Clinic in association with LifeCell. The advanced genetic testing and counselling services will provide patients with a deeper understanding of their health and help them make informed decisions about their care. We are committed to offering the highest quality care to our patients and believe that our new clinic will be a valuable resource for individuals and families seeking to manage their health and well-being “.

Dr. Gopinath, Director and Senior Consultant, Institute of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and IVF, SIMS Hospital said, “We at SIMS Hospital are always focused on providing world-class solutions and long-term care for our patients based on their needs. Our hospital provided big breakthroughs in all the speciality departments. We are extremely happy to associate with LifeCell to offer advanced health care services to our patients.”


Lifecell Diagnostics, is a premier diagnostic Laboratory providing its service in newborn, prenatal and postnatal screening and diagnostic. Additionally, LifeCell is also supporting many hospitals across the country in the genetic segment by initiating the Concept of a “Live Genetic Clinic” through our qualified and experienced Clinical Geneticists and Genetic Counsellors. With the vast development in the field of Genetics, the launch of the Genetic Clinic at SIMS Hospital will associate with LifeCell to offer its best support and solutions to Patients through live counselling. The patient will be given complete guidance by the counsellor on the testing options and their future aspects.

Mr Mayur Abhaya, Managing Director of LifeCell Diagnostics (MFine Diagnostics) said, “Genetic Clinic at SIMS Hospital is yet another milestone in our Journey towards providing Healthy Diagnostic solutions”. With this Genetic Clinic, we promise to assist every patient for the timely detection of Genetic Conditions.

About SIMS Hospital : SIMS Hospitals (SRM Institutes for Medical Science) is one of the leading multi-specialty hospitals in Chennai. This 345-bed hospital offers comprehensive healthcare experience across a wide range of specialties, including multi-organ transplant services. The hospital houses 15 modular OTs, 3 state-of-the-art Cath labs (including 1 Bi-plane Cath lab), advanced ICUS with Hepa-filters and innovative medical technologies, all under one roof. With the finest combination of experience, expertise, cutting-edge technology and well-coordinated multi-specialty Quaternary care facilities and patient-centric teamwork; SIMS Hospital Chennai is committed to deliver services of international standards. SIMS Hospital offers holistic health care that includes prevention, prophylactic treatment and care, rehabilitation and lifestyle health education and guidance to patients, their families, and clients. At SIMS, every step is aimed at ensuring excellence in patient care.

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