Kumaran Hospitals & Rela Institute performed the First Multi Vessel Coronary Angioplasty in India using ROTA-PRO

Chennai 12 April 2022 Kumaran Hospitals & Rela Institute performed the First Multi Vessel Coronary Angioplasty in India using ROTA-PRO

The high-end heart procedure was performed to save the life of a 60-year-old woman who had an acute heart attack and was in critical condition on arrival ~

Chennai, April 12th, 2022: The cardiac team in Kumaran Hospitals & Rela Institute, Kilpauk performed the first multi vessel coronary angioplasty using ROTA – PRO which was recently launched in the country. It is the first procedure in the country performed on an elderly woman who happens to be the oldest in the Tamil Nadu to receive the treatment. The expert team spearheaded by Prof Ajith Ananthakrishna Pillai & Dr Sidharthan performed the high-risk procedure in the acute heart attack situation to save the life of the patient. The procedure took just over 120 minutes. Post the procedure, the patient recovered well and was discharged from the hospital today.

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Mrs Sarala, a 60-year-old women resident of Chennai who suffered an acute heart attack brought to Kumaran hospital in a very critical state. Due to the age factor, regular angioplasty becomes impossible for the patient due to heavy calcifications in the blood vessel. The doctors team decided to perform first of its kind procedure to treat the Triple Vessel Disease using ROTA-PRO. The procedure involves navigating a catheter fitted with a Rotablator device through the site of the blockage, under a local anaesthetic. The device then rotates at a speed of up to 150,000 rpm, gently pulverizing the blockage into tiny particles that can pass safely through the bloodstream.

Prof Ajith Ananthakrishna Pillai, Senior Consultant – Interventional Cardiologist said, “the recently launched ROTA – PRO in India is a safe and sufficient technique for the endovascular treatment of heavily calcified coronary artery lesions. With the recently installed state of the art “artificial intelligence” enabled hybrid cath lab available at Kumaran hospitals, has helped in performing the procedure successfully on the patient.”

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