Cooper Corporation Offers a World-Class Genset Series for The Southern Market, Ranging From 5KVA To 250KVA.!

Chennai 20 May 2022 Cooper Corporation Offers a World-Class Genset Series for The Southern Market, Ranging From 5KVA To 250KVA.!

The global pandemic scenario, followed by various phases of lockdown and unlocking, has accentuated the need of having a constant power supply. The requirement for continuous power supply exists whether it is in hospitals, residential societies, restaurants, offices or retail businesses, bungalows, farms, or construction sites. Recent years have seen India’s energy consumption increase at one of the fastest rates in the world. To ensure a reliable power source, Cooper Corporation, one of India’s leading engine manufacturers, has introduced a brand-new world-class Genset range ranging from 5KVA to 250KVA for the Southern market. 

Our In-house research and strategic alliances with partners such as Ricardo PLCUK, have resulted in the introduction of a truly unique category of power generators. These robust gensets provide best-in-class backup power solutions with minimal CapEx and OpEx spend. The entire range goes from 5KVA to 250 KVA powered by 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-Cylinder Cooper engines. The compactness of the generators accrues enormous cost savings for the customer in terms of space requirements, especially in areas where space is a luxurious investment.

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Mr. Farrokh N. Cooper, Chairman and Managing Director, Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd said, “we are celebrating our 100th year, and our legacy is built on trust and reliability. We continuously strive to improve our quality, service, and product innovation considering the ever-changing market dynamics. It is our constant endeavor to provide best-in-class products to our consumers. Our engines are best suited for this market as they include cutting-edge technology and are designed with Indian circumstances in mind. All our engines and gensets are ‘Made in India,’ and are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Satara, Maharashtra”.

Range of gensets:

The company has recently launched its 5 KVA compact genset -Cooper Bolt Mini. The Cooper Bolt Mini genset is a versatile engine that produces higher power and is the most compact in size compared to its competition. It is also the most fuel efficient in the market compared to other players. When it comes to high-performance, the 125 kVA genset is a beast. The genset applications include hotels, restaurants, and office buildings, among others. This low-noise, compact engine is in high demand both domestically and internationally. The 140 KVA is a liquid cooling diesel genset with 6-cylinders that ensures companies and industries never experience power disruptions during production hours. Compact in size, the 160-kVA diesel generator for industrial usage can provide a great deal of power for a long length of time.  With a high block load capability, this genset can push itself even in harsh weather conditions and provide consistent performance for long durations. With the 200 kVA genset, industries and other civil works such as highways, railways, metros, etc. can operate at full capacity without any interruptions in their production schedules.  Rugged, fuel-efficient the Cooper 250 kVA is the most powerful diesel genset, capable of powering huge office buildings, malls, theatres, and industrial sectors. 

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These gensets power applications in a variety of industries, including automotive, gensets, marine, defense, construction equipment, and agriculture. These engines are designed to meet all future emission norms.

The all-new series of Gensets comes with the Cooper assurance of quality and maximum uptime. With a nationwide network of professional service dealers with adequate spare parts stock and ready to provide prompt after-sales service support.

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