ZF Aftermarket drives Next Generation Mobility with the launch of its new product and solutions portfolio for the Indian market!!

Chennai 25 May 2022 ZF Aftermarket drives Next Generation Mobility with the launch of its new product and solutions portfolio for the Indian market!!

• ZF Aftermarket to enable an attractive mobility experience with decisive contribution from ZF’s innovative technology for commercial, passenger and light vehicles

• Aims at providing a range of customer centric products and solutions across all transport segments in India

• ZF Aftermarket announced the market launch of the TRW range of braking solutions with the introduction of TRW brake fluid.

The TRW Range is now available in India under the ZF Aftermarket umbrella

Chennai, India: ZF Aftermarket, drives forward the group strategy of Next Generation Mobility by offering solutions that address key industry challenges around safety, efficiency, and sustainability of fleets. To meet the growing demands from fleet owners to improve vehicle safety, uptime, operational efficiency, and competitiveness, while being compliant with evolving legislation, ZF Aftermarket offers a broad portfolio of digital and connectivity solutions. Introduction of the TRW range of braking solutions for the aftermarket customers, further extends the product portfolio for ZF Aftermarkets in India.

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In India, ZF Aftermarket aims at enriching the mobility experience for its customers across the transportation value chain. This is augmented by ZF’s innovative technology across vehicle and transportation segments which addresses the current and future needs for mobility solutions and the challenges that accompany it.

ZF Aftermarket aims to enhance the value creation for mobility users with a strong customer-centric approach and service capabilities at the customer touch points across India. This is powered by the ZF Aftermarket channel partners, who will continue to play an integral role

in providing the steadily growing product and service portfolio also expanding into the remit of digital solutions.

Mr. Philippe Colpron, Head of ZF Aftermarket, said, “India with its robust automobile industry and the corresponding growth expectations make it very attractive and important for ZF Aftermarket. We aim to shape the future mobility experience by taking a personalized approach, creating convenience and staying in close contact with our customers to continuously improve and provide lifecycle servitization for the entire mobility ecosystem. Our value-added services and solutions will allow our customers to improve their operations and help them in meeting their zero vehicle downtime expectations.”

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ZF Aftermarket’s TRW brand has been a leading braking parts manufacturer and is now introducing the TRW range of braking products for the Indian Aftermarket with the launch of high-quality brake fluid solutions. As a ZF Aftermarket brand, every TRW True Originals part is backed by a global network of original aftermarket experts. This brake fluid provides enhanced safety in all ABS, disc and drum brake vehicles with improved pedal feel and braking comfort, with an additional high water tolerance feature. TRW range exceeds the industry standards with excellent lubrication and viscosity factors across varying weather and braking load conditions.

Mr. P Kaniappan, responsible for ZF Aftermarket in India and Managing Director, ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems India Ltd mentioned, “The TRW launch is a significant milestone in ZF Aftermarket’s commitment to bring the best global solutions to India. TRW brand is one of the world’s leading brands for braking, steering, and suspension. In India, these solutions are localized and cater to specific market requirements to offer best customer brand experience/ at the best price for the market. We look forward to further enriching our offerings with the introduction of robust global solutions for our customers.”

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