mGYCO Healthy Diabetic Rice : A new type of rice that delays rising blood sugar levels!

Chennai 25 May 2022 mGYCO Healthy Diabetic Rice : A new type of rice that delays rising blood sugar levels!

GYCO Elite, a private company, has introduced a new variety of paddy, ‘GYCO Healthy Diabetic Rice’, which was discovered by scientists at the University of Agriculture to provide complete relief to diabetics through their favorite rice diet.

We met Mrs. Devi Krishna Reddy of this company in Chennai to find out more about this new type of rice which has great support from all walks of life who are nutritionists, diabetics and those who want to control their diabetes and want to live a healthy and happy life.

This unique type of rice is made for the daily needs of the fastest growing diabetics around the world. There will be restrictions and conditions on the consumption of sweets, salt, spices and oils while they are currently attending banquets and special occasions.

In the name of dieting, they will also be given rice in moderation. In this situation, a new type of rice has been introduced which allows them to eat rice in large quantities.

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Doctors recommend that we should have 45 grams to 60 grams of carbohydrates in our daily diet.Women may develop temporary diabetes during pregnancy. Gynecologists urge them to eat low glycemic foods. By taking such food they will give birth easily without any complications during childbirth.

This rice does not directly control diabetes. But glycemic, a nutrient that plays an important role in raising blood sugar levels, is very low in this type of rice. So cooking and eating rice with this type of rice will delay the rise in your blood sugar level.

Researchers of the Telangana State Agricultural University worked tirelessly to develop a variety of paddy called ‘RNR 15048’. GYCO Healthy Tobacco rice is produced from this paddy. Studies have shown that rice from this particular type of paddy is high in fiber and protein and very low in glycemic.

Glycemic glycemic, which raises the blood sugar level from 67% to 90% of the normal type of rice available in our market. But the new variety of ‘GYCO Healthy Diabetic Rice’ introduced by ‘GYCO Elite’ has a glycemic content of only 51 per cent to 53 percent.
So when you cook and eat with this rice your blood sugar level rises very slowly. Thus, medical experts and nutritionists recommend.

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This rare variety of paddy is cultivated exclusively in the fields of East Godavari district in the state of Telangana and is cultivated by the farmers there with natural fertilizers.

GYCO Elite has teamed up with these farmers to launch a new variety of GYCO Healthy Diabetic Rice. Due to its low glycemic content, the diabetic and his family can cook and eat this new type of rice three times a day.Not only diabetics but also those who want to lose weight can include this rice in their daily diet.

The new varieties of rice introduced by our company are available in 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg.

The number of diabetics across South Asian countries, especially in India, is rising alarmingly every year. Sociologists explain that diet is one of the reasons for this.In this case, if you buy the GYCO Healthy Diabetic Rice that our company is introducing and use it as a three-course meal, it can feel like the best alternative to controlling diabetes.


For merchants

At present this rice is marketed by Kaigo Elite only in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. We are also ready to work with small businesses, women’s self-help groups and rice traders.Those who want to sell this rice wholesale or retail can approach our company and get the fresh rice you need at a discounted price.

We sell this directly to the public and are ready to distribute it at low cost to create new entrepreneurs.Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. If you have any queries regarding this please contact 9962869850 for clarification.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals involving restaurants, medical colleges, engineering colleges and arts and science colleges and nursing homes.We are happy to share the news that business people and business minded people can take advantage of this rare opportunity offered on behalf of our company to move forward in life.

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