Chennai Mayor inaugurates #sourcesegregationchallenge2022 

Chennai 09 July 2022 Chennai Mayor inaugurates #sourcesegregationchallenge2022!

  • Campaign by Chennai Enviro aims to espouse environmentalingrain sustainable waste management practices amongst publicthe citizens of Chennai.

Chennai, 09 July 2022: Chennai Enviro, a subsidiary of Re Sustainability Ltd.Limited, has launched a full-fledged source segregation campaign, #sourcesegregationchallenge2022, to espouse behavioral change toward in waste management practices among the public. The initiative involves people getting a picture clicked with segregated waste bins—wet and dry—and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #sourcesegregationchallenge2022.

The campaign was kickstarted by Ms. Priya Rajan, Hon’ble Mayor of Chennai, who posted to her social media handle @PriyarajanDMK a selfie with segregated waste bins at the Chennai Enviro zonal office, while whilst roping in three others to take up challenge. The selfie challenge has begun in full swing and the company Chennai Enviro, as the city’s sustainability partner, will is looking forward to rewarding the “environmental soldierschampions” with exciting prizes, including LED televisionTelevisions, fridge Refrigerators and washing Washing machinesMachines.  

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This interactive campaign will help boost awareness about the importance of waste segregation at home, while strengthening the circular economy. It also aims to inculcate healthy waste management practices as a daily routine of sustainable waste management practices in every household.

That This apart, Chennai Enviro is also conducts conducting mass Mass cleaning Cleaning drivesDrives, street Street playsPlays, distributes distributing pamphlets and conducts undertaking focussed campaigns in areas with lower compliance in waste segregation. Citizens of the southern metropolis are constantly regularly being informed about the crucial aspects ofof the significance and benefots of waste management and this is helping drive change in the city. For instance, the Manali zone of Greater Chennai Corporation, which has a garbage segregation at source rate of more than 90%, is led by an all-woman team that has successfully changed not only long-held perceptions and but also the face of the area. The company intends to replicate this success across Chennai. 

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Ms. Priya Rajan said, “Chennai Enviro has provided exemplary environmental service in Chennai. It hasWe are  proudlyproud that it has achieved 95% source segregation in the Manali zone of the city’s corporation limits with an able all-women squad. I wish Chennai Enviro greater success in cleaning up the city and educating people about the need for a cleaner tomorrow. Waste segregation needs to be dealt with at the grassroot-level, and I urge citizens to participate in this challenge and maintain two separate bins for dry waste and wet waste, respectively. Let’s bring about this change and contribute our bit to protect the environment.”

Commenting on the campaign launch, Masood Mallick, JMDJoint Managing Director, Re Sustainability, said,  “Source segregation is absolutely critical to sustainable waste management and enablement of a circular economy. Solid waste management can explicitly be improved through source segregation. We intend to partner with and empower every citizen in every city of India with knowledge that would help them follow the processes in their homesimplement source segregation. Our latest campaign, #sourcesegregationchallenge2022, aims to achieve the same while recognizing and rewarding encouraging the best picture entriesparticipants in this challenge. We hope that this initiative will spark a viral social campaign that will eventually reach every household and deliver significant sustainability impact in Chennai and other mega-cities across India However, the real challenge is to continue source segregation practice everyday and support our vision of achieving 100% source segregation.”

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