Kauvery Hospital’s HAMSA Rehab, launches a Comprehensive Centre for Children with Disabilities at OMR, Chennai!!

Chennai 17 August 2022 Kauvery Hospital’s HAMSA Rehab, launches a Comprehensive Centre for Children with Disabilities at OMR, Chennai!!

First of its kind, advanced technology-based care, for children with Development Delay, Cognitive, Behavioural and Physical Disabilities.

Chennai, August 17th 2022: HAMSA Rehabilitation Centre, a unit of Kauvery Hospital, announces the launch of the first of its kind intervention centre for children with developmental, cognitive, behavioural and physical issues. 

The centre located at Thoraipakkam, OMR, Chennai shall provide intervention and therapy programme for children with Spine and Brain injury and various neurological conditions, like Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Developmental delay and Learning difficulties, Speech Disorders, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy,

A study from 2011 reports that nearly 1 in 8 Indian Children age 2 to 9 years may have a neurodevelopmental disorder. The incidence of such developmental disorders is on the rise due to various reasons including, lack of facilities and care at birth, infection, poor nutrition, pressures of urban life, late pregnancy and unstimulating environments.

Children with multiple disabilities have very special and unique therapy requirements. There are many stakeholders in the care of children with multiple disabilities – parents and family, schools and teachers, Paediatric & Rehab doctors, and various therapists, like Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Psychologist, Counsellors, Special Educators, Nutritionist and Paediatric Nurses. A specialized team of therapists are needed to address the complex needs of children.

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The expectation of parents is high. With technological advancements, we shall make our therapy interesting and useful and promote their involvement in sessions. We have a lot of advanced equipment and gadgets that are activity based and gamified with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Motion Sensor capture. With these modalities children engage better and make it easier for parents and caregiver.

Our key focus shall be on Early Identification and Intervention programs. We have partnered with hospitals, several schools, NGO’s and educational institutions. “Early Identification and Intervention are the keys for progress in addressing such conditions in children. Off late, the identification of disabilities in children is delayed, owing to both parents working and the little time they have to spend with their children. The centre shall address such issues and help arranging appropriate therapies at much earlier stages,” says, Dr. Balamurali G, Managing Director – HAMSA Rehab.

The centre shall also have leisure spots, Wi-Fi enabled work pods and a cafe for parents to engage themselves while their child undergoes therapy in a safe environment. It is also a place to unwind themselves. “The parents also need to be educated on the program as they are the ones who would spend more time with their child. The confidence thus gained would enable them to closely monitor the child’s progress” says Dr Maria Fatima Josephine, Lead Consultant and Special educator, HAMSA Rehab.  

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“Children are an asset to the future. Every child is unique and they possess different capabilities. However, some need special attention and care to help improve their quality of life and growth. I appreciate HAMSA rehab for bringing a comprehensive care for children with special needs and also provide guidance in parenting. We believe lot of families will be benefitted through the new centre, and my best wishes to the team,” says Actor Chiyaan Vikram, who was at the inauguration of the HAMSA Rehab for Kids. 

“Through HAMSA we have been delivering quality and comprehensive rehab care for adults with spinal, neurological and post-operative problems.  But we also see the rise in complex problems among children, like Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Developmental delay and Learning difficulties, which can be treated and managed through comprehensive rehab care. This new centre, with a child friendly atmosphere, modern infrastructure and advanced equipment has a team of Therapists, Paediatrician and Rehab Doctors who are well experienced and dedicated. We follow National and International protocols in planning the therapy programs”, says Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kauvery Hospital, Chennai.

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Children are the world’s most valuable resource and they are the best hope for the future. At Hamsa Rehab for the kids our vision is to give them what they deserve. 

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